The WordPress WordPress template is now available to you with full support from Vocabulary and compatible with all its versions. This template is a 2-month continuous effort from the Absafo collection.

قالب وردپرس فروشگاهی و ووکامرس مارال

قالب ووکامرس مارال


WordPress Template Store and WordPress Maral
Maral Vocomeris template
With a unique design and highly professional programming, VocMaster templates are ready to launch a complete store for you. Also, the very high loading speed of this template will play an important role in attracting more and more of your customers. The excellent GTMETRIX score and rating will quickly display the merchandise template and the Maral Accuracy version of this claim, although you now see this feature. Important and enjoyable.

Load speed on the top of the Maral Wokammer Store
Load speed on the top of the marble and maral box
In this template, all of the text formats are fully customizable. You can log in to view sample text formats. Color text boxes are also included in this template so you can use them if you need to display important text on one page.

The other features of this cool and professional cookbook are professional, which can have a very positive impact on attracting more and more customers to you. Moreover, the various colors of this template can certainly attract the opinion of most customers.

Preview Video of Maral Vocabulary Template
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Tutorial for installing and managing Maral Vocommerce Store
Screen shot of the colors and templates of Maral:

Screen shot from the Maral template management panel: